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Machine Gods is a sidescrolling roguelite game where you fight, dodge, and loot your way through hordes of robot invaders. 

Fight the Machine Gods

Metallic soldiers march through the streets. Aerial drones launch torrents of rockets, and giant laser cannons pulverize what's left. In the distance, the Machine Gods watch contently as the world burns. 

Your mission is to stop their metal conquest. 

Explore a hand-drawn world

All of the art in Machine Gods is hand drawn. Fight the servants of the Machine Gods in the middle of a war torn metropolis, or find your way through the tangled walkways of a futuristic slum as laser tanks fire on you from below. Battle your way through a procedurally generated mix of meticulously designed levels.

You will find the wrath of the Machine Gods to be swift and unforgiving - all items and progress will be lost upon dying.

Collect loot

Earn money from killing your enemies and spend it on a cornucopia of diverse items. 

Equip active items that allow you to unleash a torrent of bullets on enemies. Jump through levels with a jetpack, or deflect enemy attacks with a shield. Build your character to your liking with passive items - buy items upgrading your HP and tank your way through levels, or upgrade your cooldown reduction and spam your active items against foes. The stores ensure that the player has adequate control over their build, while the randomly generated store inventory introduces unpredictability and variety to gameplay. 

*The game is still in an early state. I have a demo linked below that contains the core of the gameplay, but a large amount of enemies/items/levels have not been implemented yet. *

Download demo

MachineGodsDemo.zip 22 MB

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